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Dreamwalker 25 Heroic Healed!

by Ripture, 3186 days ago

I've been a little forgetful in taking screenshots of some of our new kills and updating the website, but since the last update we've managed to get down the following bosses on 25 heroic: Festergut, Rotface, Saurfang, and now Dreamwalker. That brings us up to 8/12 with Deathwhisper, Putricide, Sindragosa and Lich King left! Well done everyone!

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Abyss has earned [Heroic: Crimson Halls (25 Player)]!

by Ripture, 3197 days ago

In one night, our second night trying princes, we cleared Crimson Halls! Everyone did an amazing job. BQ turned out to be as I expected on heroic: very unforgiving to mistakes. A couple of close tries later, we hit 2 perfect air phases and nailed it. Sort of. The pictures will explain better...

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A closer look at behind the achievement verifies that yes, I am the only one "alive"

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10-man HC Putricide down! Abyss sees some drakes!

by Ripture, 3205 days ago

Putricide was a little tricky but once we got into the rhythm with the plague, it ended up being fairly easy. Good job and grats everyone on drakes! We can finally start working on some Lich King soon. Forum Image They are very sexy indeed! Forum Image

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